Brand Strategy Consulting

It’s time to make sense of the noise. Prequel Lab is an Advertising & Marketing firm that creates bespoke brand identities for today’s Digital brands by focussing on brand elements that are relevant for increasing visibility and engagement in the competitive digital space.

Brand Positioning consultants


Even before creating a brand identity, we first start with your Brand's positioning. Brand positioning is the conceptual place you want to own in the Target Audience's mind. The goal of a brand positioning strategy is to be as relevant as possible to the consumer's needs and wants, while maintaining a sense of distinctiveness.


We believe that brands are more than just a standard design system — they live and breathe. Our team works with you to serve as visual stewards for your brand, capturing and communicating its values, motivations, strengths, tone of voice and unique qualities so that it behaves in a unified manner across all touch points. When done well, visual languages tap into something emotional and intangible — something that is ineffable in nature.

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Your Brand is more than a logo or expression.

Your Brand is the experience you deliver in a moment and relationships that continue after it.

Put your brand to work with us.