Crafting Digital Experiences to help Brands Grow

Why do businesses take time to scale? Why do so few businesses manage to grow at a consistent pace and outsmart competition? The answer lies in the fact that not enough attention is being paid to Marketing.


Repeated, profitable sales are the lifeblood of an organization. If you are focussed on the ingredients to cook your product/service, who is distributing flyers to get patrons in?


Prequel Lab is the solution to your Marketing woes.

We craft unique digital marketing solutions to help your business scale and grow.


Prequel Lab is a digital marketing consulting firm in Chennai that focuses on helping businesses to scale. If you want to fight your competition and gain first-mover advantage, Prequel is the answer.

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Prequel Lab creates bespoke brand identities for today’s Digital brands by focussing on brand elements that are relevant for increasing visibility and engagement in the competitive digital space.

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Prequel Lab provides data-driven, digital marketing services including pay per click (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO), landing page optimization and conversion rate optimization designed to drive sales for our clients.

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We create and integrate everything from websites to apps, to full scale in-house digital ecosystems with consumer-facing portals while helping your business gain the lead in the market